I’m not a great photographer, not even good really, but sometimes I get lucky and end up with one really nice shot after 20 or more tries. I live a fairly isolated, boring life and the subject matter of my picture-taking is pretty dull as well. Understand that what you will see here will not wow you. This is no attempt for me to show off my amazing skill level or fancy lifestyle. It’s a chance for me to pursue something I enjoy and an opportunity for me to learn and improve. It’s also a record of a year in my life and if there is any one person that might be interested, I’m willing to share. That’s what photos are for, right?


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Just finished reading my “About”. Should update it…but I prefer to do so through a comment. I don’t want to change who I was…just inform about who I now am.

    I believe I’m a good photographer at last. Great shots are not so much a stroke up luck now, as they are instead…me recognizing an interesting subject or mood…and the perfect conditions and knowing how to get around not-so-perfect conditions.

    I love this project and plan to do it again next year…to continue improving. I want to publish all past projects in a single book so I can hold them in my hand and flip through them. I guess those are my future photography goals.

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