June 26

Where’s the Bunny?


2 thoughts on “June 26

  1. Oh wow! I see him! Got two in my yard today, bold and timid. Bold one came right by me as I sat on the step shooting him, but kept moving, slowly, and never got the shot!!! I mean I was on the second step, and he walked across the landing!!! Other one, way over in the yard, moved off as soon as I appeared…

    • Hiding pretty good in my sorta tall grass. He was here yesterday again and doing fine. Using the leg better. I’ve never seen a rabbit lounge around the yard like this one does. I guess because of his leg problem. He seems very relaxed around us. I’m wondering if he’s one of the babies from my garden last year. If I find a nest, we tend to play with the babies almost daily until they’re old enough to get away from us.

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